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The Coda is a first-class, versatile mountain twin; a high-end version of the Shiloh, distinguished by upgraded features such as our classic American Black Walnut Powerply and our all-new "Rise Above Plastics" Topless Technology. This newly developed R.A.P. Topless Technology allows us to move one step closer to a product made of fully recyclable and bio-degradable materials. Additional upgraded features include our most premium Sintered Base with our most environmentally friendly base construction process. The System Rocker design provides a surfy ride with natural float and cleaner tracking. * American Black Walnut Powerply * R.A.P. Topless Technology * FSC Certified Double Barrel II Core * Sintered Base * Mixed Glassing * 2×4 14 Pack Inserts * 360° Fully Wrapped Sidewalls * Recycled Steel Edges * Entropy Bio Resin * Wend Natural Wax * Factory Tuned * Zero Waste Base * Recycled ABS * 3-Year Warranty * Flex Meter: 9/10

Product Sku: 9861arcormw20
Brand: Arbor
UPC: 013576466491
Size: 161cm (MW)
Category: Snowboards
Condition: New
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